Exceptional Experiences start with Exceptional People

When consumers ask an agent for information Agency begins.  Why?  Because what the agent says will likely be used to help the consumer formulate an opinion on what they should do about owning a property; be it to buy it or sell it.  Knowing what to expect from an agent is often not discussed.

As a Senior Manager with Intuit from 2002 to 2007 my most important focus was on developing an exceptional consumer experience through people.  And, when a servant [humble not duty] mindset took root, consumers felt it.  Mirrors popped up at work spaces, satisfaction with work well done and positive consumer feedback to management came frequently and honestly.

Exception Consumer experiences begin with…

1. PMA, positive mental attitude. A smile can be felt over the phone, but so can a frown. First impressions are extremely important and there’s no substitute for a cheerful disposition and positivity. Customers vote for a business with their wallet and they don’t have to deal negative-minded, anonymous individuals who project a “duty to take the call” attitude. Positive attitude tops the list of the most valued character traits.

2. Respectful. Consumers deserve to be treated with respect, even if they’re difficult to work with or upset. Inconsiderate or worse, unprofessional behavior is the fastest way to lose a customer for life. Cursing, name calling, sarcasm, belittling, shouting, or arguing with a customer is never justifiable under any circumstances. When you show respect to your customer, you’ll eventually gain his or her respect in return.

3. Proactive. Professionals aren’t reactive, they are proactive. Proactive support is all about identifying and resolving issues before they become a problem. Agents who solve problems before your customers even realize they exist deliver WOW experiences. The best agents are inventive and show initiative when solving customer complaints.

4. Dependable. If an agent’s word isn’t his/her bond, then they can’t deliver on their promises, and customers will drop them like a bad habit. When agents make a commitment to a customer, their objective should be to under promise and over deliver. When an agent makes a committment customers expect them to live up to their expectations and the agent’s promises. Agents who over communicate to customers continuously update and return e-mails and phone calls.

So, how does your representation stack up to these professional standard?

About FineHomesDigest

The Fine Homes Team, Mark Finchem, Associate Broker with Long Realty Company, provides service to buyers, seller and builders where fine homes are concerned. With extensive experience in residential real estate transactions we can help you with the home you'd rather have.
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