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The More You Know: 4 Great Tips for Home Sellers

Tip 1: Identify three experienced agents who are familiar with your neighborhood. Look for agents who have “for sale” signs placed in your neighborhood. Ask each to prepare a market analysis (how much is it worth?) and a marketing plan … Continue reading

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Rise in U.S. Home Sales Signals Positive Trend

U.S. existing home sales rose 5 percent in December 2011 from a year ago to 4.61 million units annualized. While slightly below expectations, the trend is still positive and could lead to more buyers coming off the sidelines, according to … Continue reading

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Use The Right Tools to Find Home Information

  The once-funny statement that “there’s an app for that”  is now true much more often than not. With close to 1 million mobile apps available for download, it can be an overwhelming task to sort out the truly useful … Continue reading

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Ignorance -vs- Intelligence; Has the Fed Cause Irreparable Harm?

David Stockman? Yes the former Director of the Federal Government’s Office of Management & Budget lays out the case for economic austerity that will eventually have to come to the US.  Makers, Takers are the players and wealth re-distribution is … Continue reading

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NW Tucson Home Sales Numbers Improve

The last couple of months have been good ones for the housing market in the Northwest Tucson region.  Home sales have shown an uptick in buyer activity with significantly lower inventories than in 2010 and 2011 in nearly every price band … Continue reading

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Ron Peltier on Housing Conditions

Ron Peltier, CEO of HomeServices of America was interviewed on CNBC this morning.  When you get a few minutes, take a look at it.  Upbeat informative interview.

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Loan Officers Do Make a Contribution to Consumer Expereince

For the longest time, I have listened to loan officers talk about why people should do business with them; and 95% of the time their presentations boil down to three things – price, product, and service. On the pricing front, … Continue reading

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Homeowners Unaware of Costly Repair Responsibility

A recent national survey conducted by GfK Roper Custom Research finds that less than 50 percent of homeowners surveyed know that they are responsible for repairs to the water line on their property. Further, the report goes on to state … Continue reading

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Transaction and Experience are So Different

Understanding motivation is quite possibly the most relevant key to selling fine homes.  Stay with me on this one for a few paragraphs.  This is a brief description of one discussion to help set the stage. “My wife and I have vacationed … Continue reading

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Inside the Box Thinking Builds Advantage

For homeowners already underwater it just seems wrong to put more money into a “money pit”.  Josh Garskof in Money Magazine serves up soe great ideas to make your home “feel bigger” and get the most out of limited space.  Additions … Continue reading

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