Improving the Consumer Expereince

With the proliferation of consumer rating web sites, more information than ever before is now posted on the internet waiting for consumers to use. Consumers are more informed today than they were even last month. But what happens when the target of the consumer feedback can’t handle the feedback. As Jack Nicholson said in his now ultimately famous line from a Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth.”  Yelp,, and my favorite provide an invaluable service to consumers who care about the experience as much as the actual purchase.

In today’s Top Story posted on RIS Media there is an important knowledge nugget, “Unfortunately, far too many people are “thin-skinned” when it comes to receiving feedback and as a result, they often misinterpret sincere criticism as a form of personal attack.  I tm’s fairly typical  and somewhat understandable for people to become overly defensive and a bit argumentative whenever their personal f laws and short-comings are held up to the glaring spotlight of criticism.  Obviously, not all feedback is accurate, sincere or of equal importance.  Nor does every input automatically require action to be taken.  However, the key to long-term business success and personal achievement is determined largely not by hard work alone, but by one’s ability to glean the kernels of wisdom from the chaff of feedback.”  For the entire article visit RISMedia.

It is unfortunate that some people can’t handle feedback that is critical, even when it is offered out of a position of genuine compassion and concern.  One question that sellers and buyers seldom think to ask when selecting the agent they will use is, “Will I have an opportunity to rate you and provide feedback?”  When an agent is truly focused on the consumer experience and not on their own personal agenda the experience for the consumer and the agent is exceptional.

Quality agents take a proactive stand and tell their clients they will be given an opportunity to provide feedback both publically and privately.  It is our position that to be the best you must always be open to the view from the consumer. After all, a consumer’s perception is the only possible reality they can work from within.  Agents, who have the humility to work through what clients are telling them, ultimately become the best in the business.

Angie’s List takes a unique approach providing vendors and service providers the opportunity to “make it right” to a dissatisfied consumer.  We provide feedback sheets to our clients that are mailed directly to Angie’s List not to us.  An “A” Rating to Angie’s List is highly valued and respected by many consumers.

Yelp provides consumer feedback real time.

Yelp, real-time consumer feedback.

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