NW Tucson & Oro Valley Well Served by the Amphitheater School District

A major component in the decision of a business to locate in a state is the taxation climate.  But, for where to locate within a state education means a great deal.  Business seeks the best so they can be the best, especially the technology and bio-sciences business sectors.

Ruth Mantell wrote a great piece on the topic of job growth and job creation that serves to put communities on alert.  If you want increasing property values and you want to attract high earning jobs (and the broad-based community benefits that go with them) local school boards must focus on the quality of their educational product.

Chamber of Commerce Lists States Seen Growing, Creating Jobs

June 13, 2012 Wall Street Journal Ruth Mantell

WASHINGTON–North Dakota, Utah and Texas will likely be leaders in the next decade when it comes to growth and job creation, according to a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released ahead of the group’s jobs summit on Wednesday.

Rounding out the top 10 “future boom states” are Virginia, Wyoming, Washington, Maryland, Colorado, South Dakota and Massachusetts, according to the Chamber’s report on enterprising states.

“Businesses need a highly skilled workforce — including many workers with certificate or two-year degrees — that is able to perform the jobs of a 21st century economy,” according to the report. “States that are able to get students involved in…science, technology, engineering, and math – and provide the tools, support, and tax and regulatory environment for companies to continuously innovate will be the most competitive.” Read more at Education.

The Amphitheater Public School District serves Oro Valley and some of unincorporated Pima County, often called NW Tucson.  We can’t help but notice that Arizona is not on the top 10 job creation or job attraction states in the lower 48.  That said, we can take a certain amount of pride in recognizing that companies like Ventana Medical Systems (a Division of Roche), Honeywell and others like Sanofi Aventis have chosen to locate in Oro Valley.

Basis School & Cornerstone Christian Academy also are working to raise the bar on education to build a broader base for success in the lives of their students and their families.  Oro Valley get’s it and is a solid choice for smart kids to build your business.

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