“How Arizona Can Become the Oakland A’s of The States”

Arizona is demonstrating the recipe for real growth. Hard choices are always hard, that’s why they are called hard choices. Arizona’s budget under the leadership (or lack thereof) of Janet Napolitano and a pro-government growth Arizona Legislature grew to an unsustainable level. When it came time for the reset button to be pushed, nobody wanted their budget touched. When the business environment turns pro-government and anti-business, jobs leave. That is a simple fact of “the choice to survive”.

In his great piece “How Arizona Can Become the Oakland A’s of the States” Byron Schlomach makes the case for Arizona to become another home for job creators, and not just the lower scale call center type jobs.  See Byron’s full piece at


What so many seniors seem to appreciate is knowledge of the need to produce.  Without the actual production of something and a bottom line that supports more than just the break-even survival mentality, retirement is unattainable. So it stands to reason that people in general who want more in life will gravitate to centers where there is more opportunity.

From students to seniors, the economic viability of enterprise is one key component to lifestyle.  Nothing is free because there is a cost for everything.

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