Making Your Home Sellable Amid Daily Family Life

By John Voket

It's one thing to keep a home spic and span when you're in the process of selling it, but it can be nearly impossible to keep a home in 'showroom condition' when you're kids are living in it.

A recent post from Massachusetts agent Anthony Lamacchia addresses how sellers can balance family harmony with the need to keep the house in attractive condition for potential buyers with the following tips:

1. Don’t stress too much – Lamacchia says with inventory at historically low levels buyers probably will not have a lot to choose from — which will make them more likely to overlook small things. And if you have children, buyers will understand having some clutter or messiness.

2. De-Clutter and minimize – Lamacchia says take about two weeks and go through everything in your home to decide what you do and don’t need to keep, from top to bottom. Many families take this as an opportunity to donate to charity.  

3. Store What You Don’t Need – Lamacchia says when a home buyer looks at your home, you want them to imagine it as their home. Taking things that are important and putting them into totes to put into storage, either in a basement or garage or at a storage facility can pay off – signs of organization lead buyers to believe that the home has been well cared-for.

4. Make Sure You Are Ready for Home Showings – Lamacchia says request at least four hours’ notice before a showing when you have kids. It is also a good idea to communicate with your agent, blocking off nap times, meal times, bath times, or bedtime – and to be more flexible on weekends.

5. Make a “Go Kit” for the Kids – Lamacchia says having snacks ready ahead of time, along with entertainment options, will make a huge difference in how well you are able to accommodate potential buyers. Think now about what you will do with them when the home is being

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2015. All rights reserved.

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